TRANSLIFE Professional Symposium


We are proud to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. Suegee Tamar-Mattis. A family physician, she is the founder, and for 9 years, director of the Sonoma County Transgender Health Clinic. As the lead provider of transgender medicine in the Rural Northern California areas, she recognized the need for connection and empowerment for transgender people. In Response, Dr. Tamar-Mattis is the lead founder of the annual Transgender Rural Community Building Conference held in Santa Rosa, CA.

Her keynote speech, “The History of Transgender Medicine”, will describe the current components of transgender medicine, as well as both the historical context of current practices in transgender medicine and the differences between prevalent standards of care in transgender health.


To fit your needs and interests, there will be several workshops to choose from in each of our four workshop time slots. Workshops will be held by a variety of professionals and content experts from Kaiser, National Center for Lesbian Rights, No-Bully, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, local support groups, private practitioners operating successful trans inclusive practices, and more. The workshops will provide a solid foundation in the areas of cultural competency, learning practical tools to working with the transgender population, accessing resources, as well as advancements in mental health, medical, educational, and legal fields.

Among our many workshops are:

  • Meeting the Needs of Trans Youth in the School Environment
  • Blowing Up the Binary, Understanding the Non-Binary Spectrum
  • Medical Basics for Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth
  • Working with Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Transitional Youth (ages 18-25)
  • Transitioning Families; Offering Therapeutic Guidance and Support to Families during Gender Transition
  • Gender Expansive Teens with DSM-5 Diagnosis; Intersectionality, Identity Development, and Clinical Issues
  • Trans Perspectives: What Trans People Want You to Know
  • Loving Beyond the Binary: Partners and Partnership in Trans-Identified Couples
  • Understanding Surgical Options for Gender Affirmation
  • Providing Wrap Around Care for Gender Confirmation Surgery: Experiences from the Frontlines
  • Ending Bullying in a Binary Age
  • How to Talk about Sex with your Clients from a Sex-Positive Perspective
  • Healthcare 101: Accessing Care and Overcoming Barriers for Transgender Clients
  • Crisis Intervention, DeEscalation, and Risk Management with Transgender and Non-Binary Clients
  • Transgender Medicine Q&A
  • Treating Trans And GNC Patients- How to Create an Environment of Trust and Safety
  • Affirmative and Collaborative Care with Transgender/Gender Expansive Children, Adolescents, and their Families
  • Legal Name and Gender Change and Affirming Legal Representation of Transgender Clients
  • … and more!


7:45 am Arrival & Registration
8:15 am Opening
8:30 am Keynote Speaker
9:40 am Workshops 1
11:20 am Workshops 2
12:50 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Workshops 3
3:40 pm Workshops 4

Catered lunch with vegetarian options included, vegan and gluten free options available by request. Coffee, tea, and pastries served in the morning.

All questions can be emailed to Lynea Seiberlich-Wheeler at