The vision of the TRANSLIFE Community Conference and the TRANSLIFE Professional Symposium is the foster a vibrant, healthy, and responsive community of, for, and by our transgender/gender-nonconforming population, those who love them, and those who serve them. The outcome of these two events is strengthened social networks, deeper community engagement, and increased skills across all three of these groups.

TRANSLIFE strives to meet the needs of diverse populations and for cultural competency, with a goal to provide a safe and affirming environment for those with intersecting oppression, including trans LatinX, POC, black, brown, undocumented, immigrant, disabled, unhoused, neurodivergent, and sex worker communities, and to be active anti-racist allies.

TRANSLIFE gives equal validity and respect to all gender expressions, including binary, non binary, gender fluid, gender expansive, and two spirit genders.

TRANSLIFE seeks committee members that share values with our mission and standards.

TRANSLIFE is welcoming to allies that are culturally competent in understanding allyship in trans spaces and who strive to create space to uplift trans voices to speak for their needs, understanding that no one but transgender individuals can speak for the trans experience.

TRANSLIFE Presents… Vaudeville Boheme!

A Fundraiser for the Fall 2019 TRANSLIFE Community Conference

Come one, come all, for your wonder and amazement. Let us entertain you… all for a great cause! Delightful dinner included, stupendous silent auction, and varied entertainment from the vaudeville stage! 1920’s attire optional, but highly encouraged!

Vaudeville Boheme Fundraiser

$35, includes dinner
Tickets are limited so get them today!

Saturday, June 29, 2019
5:30-9:30 PM

Wischemann Hall
465 Morris Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Community Conference

October 19, 2019

The TRANSLIFE Community Conference brings together transgender/gender-nonconforming individuals from the North Bay counties to increase connections, share information, and expand individual self-advocacy and knowledge.

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Professional Symposium

Coming in 2020!

The TRANSLIFE Professional Symposium is an opportunity to bring together medical, mental/behavioral health, legal, and educational professionals to learn about the unique needs, challenges, and cultural competencies necessary to provide sensitive and appropriate care to the transgender/gender-nonconforming community.

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Thank You for Your Support

Your attendance and support of this year’s Community Conference and Professional Symposium will help make sure we can bring this event to the community next year too! Donations and 100% of profits from all ticket sales go towards funding the annual TRANSLIFE Community Conference.

Please contact us at info@translifeconference.org for more information about how you can make a donation.